Abraham Thakore AIFW AW15

This season A&T continues its investigation into the classic garment shapes that make up a timeless Indian wardrobe. From the kurta to the shirt to the dress; from the Nehru jacket, the salwar and the skirt; we re work proportions and tweak them. We articulate a vocabulary that is relevant to contemporary life in metropolitan India.

Kantha, also known as Sujani, is a type of embroidery from West Bengal and Odisha. Traditionally, old saris and fabrics were layered and hand-stitched together to make new fabrics to be used for many different purposes.

This traditional Indian approach to recycling makes this craft particularly relevant in the context of our concerns with sustainability.

In our investigation and exploration of sustainable textiles for our Fall Winter 2015 collection we also looked at other forms of recycling. We have created sequins for evening wear from discarded hospital X rays and film. We source antique recycled brocade borders and ribbons. Snaps, hooks and studs have been converted into decorative ornaments. The garments are made from fabrics as diverse as cotton, wool, nylon and polyester. Some are recycled and many are collected from varied sources.

Colour palette: White, Ivory, Ecru. Charcoal, Slate, Black. Coffee, Coconut, Brown. Plum, Purple, Grape.

M4S_7108 M4S_6550 M4S_6569 M4S_6655 M4S_6677 M4S_6692 M4S_6748 M4S_6819 M4S_6898 M4S_7037 M4S_7055 M4S_7096

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