AICW 2015 Day 2 – Rahul Mishra’s




Tree of Life
The Collection takes inspiration from the multitasking modern women, in terms of strength and fragility. In an era of destination weddings and multiple events, we intend to create a new look with international influences and strong traditional Indian elements.
Inspired from centuries old Chintz textiles, the collection carries detailed-simplicity, which is represented through age-old craftsmanship in a modern progressive graphic style.
Revisiting the glorious era, the collection traverses from hand embroidered floral patterns to sheer handloom textiles that seeks to create a harmony with sharp tailoring and ultra-lux sportswear.

Modem shapes take the center stage when combined with traditional silhouettes, the collection comprises of contemporary elements put together for the new age bride, which has bomber jackets & jumpers with lehangas, cape & jackets with saris.
The collection bears testimony to our commitment of working with handlooms. And the intricate hand-embroideries are an outcome of concerted efforts of reverse migration of craftsmen back in to their villages from urban dwellings, to take a new step in producing Slow Fashion.

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