Björn Borg make sports wear for the future

Björn Borg’s fashion show in Stockholm during the Fashion Week was a huge success when counting the people wanting to come. In addition to everyone else they had asked som friends to try what it would feel to be moved to Mars. They modeled in front of the audience and the camera against a red background. Everyone had a lot of fun. It was probably a moment many of the participants will never forget. We won’t.
Wear clothes from Bjorn Borg on the red planet in the future
Indeed, it was a fantastic show – with great design showed during a spectacular sound and light show. You really had the feeling of being moved to planet Mars. Björn Borg develop sports wear for people who want something special to wear when they swim, play golf or do something else in the big realm of sports. And of course, they hope people will be able to do sports on Mars in the future. Why not? It will probably be different- a new experience.

Bjorn Borg showed their spring and summer collection for next year and the show was a tribute to human settlement on planet Mars. And, as Mars has red sand and rocks – they had used that in the show. What a nice idea! Thanks to the team on Björn Borg for that.
Back stage during the recent show Training for Mars
You will find more of the clothes they currently have available in shops – such as their Iconic Collection.
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