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When you buy our BODO Sandals, we will donate a pair to someone in need, whether they are living in poverty, in a war-torn community, in areas stricken by a natural disaster or in refugee camps.pizap.com14667005730361

For most of us living in western society, we have never encountered the problems associated with not having a pair of shoes to wear, and it’s hard to imagine the medical, social and educational implications this issue can cause. But in many parts of the world, a lack of footwear is a fundamental problem.

Both adults and children can suffer serious injuries and contract diseases simply because they are forced to go barefoot. This can lead to ill health and excruciating pain. For adults, injuries and disease from a lack of footwear may mean that they are unable to work and provide for their families. Another extremely saddening fact is that in many places children are prohibited from entering schools, simply because they cannot afford footwear.

This is poverty’s vicious cycle at work, and BODO have made it our mission to do something about it!!

Initially we will target South America and the Caribbean, working closely with local charities to ensure that the BODO Donation Sandal reaches those in the greatest need. In this way, we can support foot health, education and employment in those communities.

BODO has also established a partnership with Barefoot Foundation (Pies Descalzos Foundation). Barefoot Foundation operates on the belief that every child, no matter where they are born, deserves the right to an education and a safe, nurturing environment in which to live and grow. Through this partnership, we aim to establish areas of Columbia within Barefoot Foundation’s community where the BODO Sandals we donate will have the highest impact. Buying BODO Sandals will help us to fulfil this mission and help children in Columbia and elsewhere.


When you buy BODO Sandals, you’re also helping the environment. The soles of BODO Sandals are made using recycled car tyres, a material that is taking up more and more space on earth. Globally, tonnes of tyres are discarded each day. Tyres do not decompose naturally and are a significant risk for creating fires – fires which release harmful toxins and are incredibly difficult to put out! By giving this potentially hazardous, abundant resource a use, we are doing our bit to help our precious planet.

The BODO Donation Sandal differs from the typical fashion sandal in that its focus is on being hard-wearing, practical, suitable for all terrains and extremely long-lasting. The sandal’s resilient, ethically-sourced material means that it will truly go the distance. This durability benefits both our customers and those who receive our donation sandal, as they need shoes that will last for a long time.

The BODO Sandal provides you with plenty of benefits. It is a stylish and smart black sandal that can be worn for work, school, play, or in the home. It is also durable and water-resistant, making it appropriate for all terrains. What sets the BODO Donation Sandal apart is that it is need-driven. We want our sandal to reach as many vulnerable people as possible so that a lack of footwear never stops them from living healthy and fulfilling lives. When you buy a pair of BODO Donation Sandals, you are helping us to make the world a better place, one pair of feet at a time.

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