Carolina Herrera – a designer who’s into elegance and style

Of all the lovely work that’s being showed during New York fashion week I fell in love with this simple yet very exclusive gown from designer Carolina Herrera. Herrera is a very interesting designer from Caracas in Venezuela. She was born in 1939 and started designing in the early 80’s. She makes both clothes and perfumes. She also makes eyewear and bags. Two brands carry her name: CH and Carolina Herrera New York.
Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

Herrera’s company has been based in New York since the start. Many famous people have worn her clothes including some of such fame in the USA as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Herrera is also known for giving support to women in politics or with certain specific duties such as wives of American presidents and rock stars of international fame.
The dress shown is meant for spring 2016. What a masterpiece! The top is very interesting and wouldn’t be the same without the long skirt. Notice the pattern. The two words that come to my mind are exclusive elegance.
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