Designer Stella Jean wants to lessen Western influences

The fashion world seeks inspiration all over the world! And for this reason a new designer such as Haitian-Italian Stella Jean is hot stuff. Stella Jean told the press how she wants to merge opposite worlds and give them equal importance. She is quite new to the fashion scene and presented her first collection at Milan Fashion Week in September 2011.
Stella Jean Ltd

The clothes shown on the pic are from her spring and summer collection of tropical swimwear for next year and were recently presented to the fashion world this September. The show was picked up by international fashion media in general.
True, her clothes can be described as “ethnic”. She imagines a world free from Western abuse and manipulators and wants a world where people can get back to something more important to them; where they can take better routes.
A fantastic thing happened with Stella Jean in 2013; Giorgio Armani personally picked her collection to show at his show space Teatro with room for 550 spectators. She had the opportunity to show her spring/summer collection for 2014 to that audience during the Milan Fashion Week. What an achievement!
Stella Jean has what can be described as a mixed background! Her mother was Haitian and her father Italian. She grew up in Rome where she still lives – today together with her two children. Stella Jean is a former model and a self-taught designer. She won the prestigious Vogue Italia context Who Is On Next in July 2011 after trying for two years. She has since worked with tribal, ethnical (and ethical) prints where she aimed at helping people in Africa. She collaborated with an organization for ethics in fashion, The International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative. She has worked with both womenswear and menswear.
What a promising start! We are always interested in swimwear. Good luck Stella! Thanks also to Vogue UK and journalist Maybelle Morgan for the information. 
By: Jane Hamerina & Garima Sood
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