Dhruv Vaish Presents Collection at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 in association with Nexa.

Inspired by the casual playfulness of summer – the collection is young, vibrant and fun. Shades of the blue summer sky, hues of greys of the summer nights is contrasted by stark pinks. Basic and bold linear stripes are used in different ways to create interesting patterns and this is set of by the plain bold colored cottons and linens used in the collection. Soft and light weight fabrics are used with innovative cuts and fine tailoring to create structured yet playful looks for summer 18.


Pawan Sachdeva Presents Collection at AIFW SS'18 (3)

The NoughtOne By Abhishek Paatni Presents Collection at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 in association with NEXA

It is an attempt to present a global street style collection, drawing references from various street sub cultures and binding them together through NoughtOne’s aesthetic.

The collection takes a psycho-graphic approach to cater to the young global consumer who is well informed , traveled and has an open mindset towards various issues propagating in the modern society. The collection offers a  street version of classics like kurta and kimono and silhouettes that are re-engineered to fit into the wardrobe of a modern age street wear enthusiast. This collection represents the perspective of today’s street generation and their take on the conventional clothing silhouettes.

The collection keeps the black color palette constant as a symbol of rebellion and explores the mood of this street generation through different hues of  blue, grey and white about freedom of speech, gender bias and other social and environmental issues.

Pawan Sachdeva Presents Collection at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 in association with Nexa

  1. Collection Note: Barcode

A readable code in the form of numbers and patterns of parallel lines and forms of varying widths, printed in a way to create an arrangement of alluring designs on the natural fabrics, sewn into enticing ensembles in varying lengths and diversified silhouettes best defines the collection.

An array of colors that ranges from grey to blues to black perfectly amalgamate with the alignment of rows and colors, blending into the game of numbers perfectly placed onto the garments in the most creative way, give the collection “BARCODE”, a completely new dimension.

  1. Collection Note : Barcode


BARCODE.. A great success story of the late twentieth century. This symbol of consumerism has ironically become one of the most powerful anti capitalist motif in the art and design world. The designer.. to begin with found the bicolour simplicity of the barcode design particularly appealing.

A barcode to him represents a constantly evolving design space.. a series of digital duct tapes put together in long forms of dots and dashes. It’s a new age fusion of design and technology. Effective.. efficient with utilitarian purpose and function.

The collection explores the phenomenology of the barcode and it’s many intricacies.. It’s an attempt to celebrate and enjoy one of the most apparent street art logos of our times!

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