Fashion Sesign Competition for an exclusive MIM Collection

We are searching fashion designers who want to become part of the TV series Models In Motion with their fashion designs and product placements in the future and who are willing to design and produce 5 pieces for an exclusive MIM LABEL CULTE collection under their name and MIM LABEL CULTE.

Their fashion pieces will be seen in the TV series on the four models Jenny,Lisa,Melanie or Carola, and/or can be exclusively bought over LABEL CULTE and a future LABEL CULTE online shop. The designer can join the designer platform LABEL CULTE. Their designs will be shown on the blog and in all social medias. Also they will be a part of the presentation of the LABEL CULTE shop and mobile Application for the online shop in the idea competition for the future projects of the city of Paris.

Models in Motion ( MIM ) is a TV series written by Kahler and cowriter Sabel Da Costa and future cowriters. The interested fashion designers, who can convince us with their 5 fashion sketches, will get a contract for product placement, which will be part of the contract with future potential TV stations to buy the series. So it is very important to know that You will be part with these 5 fashion sketches on the selling of the TV series too.

The conditions of the contract include Your possibility to produce the 5 pieces for MIM LABEL CULTE exclusively and a provision of 5 % on each sold piece for MIM LABEL CULTE. The price can be fixed by each designer for each fashion piece, but should not be over 1000.- € to get a wide range of customers.

If You are interested please send me Your 5 sketches of fashion designs for the
exclusive MIM LABEL CULTE collection to

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