Fragrances for your Father on very special Day

Market seems heavy with the crowd; everyone is looking for the gifting options for their sole father. According to a source it has been come out that perfume body spray or deodorants are the best gifting for your father and your fathers would love to use different fragrances because they believe:

Irfan Khan Pic 01_ENVY After Dark Series (1) Pic_Envy 1000_Men Range

“Smell is incredibly important and sensual; it communicates who you are”

So on the very special occasion of Father’s Day ENVY 1000 evolving as a top brand has introduced ENVY after Dark Series and ENVY 1000 ‘DARK’, ‘RUSH’, ‘FIERY’ & ‘FORCE’ for your very special father.

ENVY ‘After Dark’ series deodorant is available in four variants and they are Techno, Trance, Rock and Hip Hop.

The Techno –It consists of fresh notes at the top & heart is composed of woody & sweet notes. The base contains amber, sandal and musk.

The Trance –It consists of an aromatic spicy fragrance with top notes of bergamot and mandarin with a burst of spices in the middle enriched with richness of amber and sandal at the base.

The Rock – Head top notes are fresh spicy, green, with fillings of vetiver, rose and lily of the valley, base notes are musk, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar and oakmoss.

And the Hip Hop – Energy, masculinity and strength are three cornerstones for ENVY Hip Hop. It opens with fresh, citrus, green and marine notes while the heart is enriched with jasmine and spices. The base closes with rich sandal and vetiver with the hint of vanilla.

ENVY after Dark Series deodorants are specially crafted to chill the mood of your father after his tired day in office or it can be used even in the night to rock the party.

On the other side ENVY 1000 ‘DARK’, ‘RUSH’, ‘FIERY’ & ‘FORCE’ are the arrays of perfume body spray carries fresh notes which will keep your father very vigorous and leave a lasting impression behind. i.e., Fragrance meant for pure pleasure, directed for men.

Go fast and select your daddy’s favorite fragrance and celebrate the moment of Father’s Day with ENVY 1000 body spray deodorants. ENVY after Dark Series deodorant will cost you just Rs. 250/- each and ENVY 1000 ‘DARK’, ‘RUSH’, ‘FIERY’ & ‘FORCE’ will cost Rs. 180/- each which are available at all leading departmental stores.

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