Amit Talwar Trekaaya

Amit Talwar

A man with big dreams everyday he wakes up in the morning….

Amit Talwar Trekaaya

                                                                        — by Mukul Jain


  • What is fashion according to you?
  • Fashion helps us to show who we are and depict our personality in the terms of visual information. In the way we choose clothes we show our attitude to the world and other people. It is also some kind of a communication. We put some of our personality in everything, according to me follow the fashion that suits us not what suits only models,every human looks different so everyone dresses different according to their weather,body and personality.


  • How would you describe your personal style?
  • My personal style is like a rainbow,sometimes red and sometime white,i like to mix western style and cuts and glamour without forgetting my Indian roots,i am very passionate about Indian embroidery, textiles, colors and style so I always love to incorporate my clothes with best of both worlds so even young generation can adapt my clothes easily.SAI_2025
  • What is your inspiration this season?
  • I have just recently been to Munnar and Kerala and i was fortunate to see so many flowers and whilst i was absorbing in the colors and the beauty of the rose and other flowers,  I have therefore kept the rose colors in my mind while creating new collection.   i have used lycra stretch saree for females with nakshi work with very glamorous cuts and neck lines.
  • When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
  • When i was in the sixth standard, I use to make female sketches on every last page of my schools books and my teachers always complained to my parents that I am in awe of females at this age but nobody knew that i was sketching clothes and not females.  It was since then my dream  which i have fulfilled and now I am a designer.
  • What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?
  • After finishing my courses of fashion I got my first job in Dubai as an Assistant designer and i was just 20 then. After my return I opened my own  boutique after 2 years on the rooftop of my residence and in few years i got the opportunity to design for Penaz Massani the gazal queen of India then Anamika a very popular singer.  My claim to fame were the fashion weeks of Kolkota, Pune, Udaipur, Hydrabad, Punjab and many other cities  including Delhi and I got the chance to design for Mona Singh, Zia Khan, Sonali Bendre and many Indian and international peagant winners. Next I opened my own store Trekaaya and now am currently working on my next store.DSC_3563
  • What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
  • Be original, try to create what u feel keeping the weather and the customer in mind, one can get inspired by someone but do not copy and paste , because copying can give you money but for long run it will create problems and for students who want to be in fashion field too please do this course C.A.D for sure and try to learn fashion designing and textiles as well because if you need a job your employer will definitely be looking for one designer who know both.
  • What do you dislike about designing clothes?
  • When clothes that I am designing do not listen to me 😀 :P,  I mean sometime my imagination and my practical knowledge fight with each other but yes I love to design crossing the boundaries and out of box thinking is what dives me to create, so when I don’t get good results I get irritated but I never give-up.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
  • Anything and everything can inspire me, it could be a temple, flowers, moon, streets, leaves, human bodies and sometime my own self, no boundaries.
  • What does fashion mean to you as a developing fashion designer?
  • Fashion to me is soul, the essence of my being and will be my Moksh when the time is right….like we cannot describe God…It would be difficult for me to disintegrate and divide fashion into thoughts. As a developing fashion designer I can only say I am Fashion and Fashion is me…
  • What interest you about fashion?
  • everyday when i wakeup i feel blessed with the gift of my mind that creates new magic everyday and make people happy,  i love to help people who dream to look beautiful and help them to realise their dreams and to get transformed  convert there dream in real with my professional touch.
  • What made you decide to pursue a career in fashion?
  • fashion tv and bollywwod movies have always inspired me to create and i was always curious as to how one actress can look so different in different roles so when i realized its their styling and clothes and makeup which is changing them every time so i chose to be that creater.
  • What you don’t like about fashion?
  • Fashion has a very short life, the moment u start loving one particular style, in a blink of an eye a new trend comes knocking on my door to surprise me.  So its kind of a love and hate relationship.  I hate it when i live and breathe one particular design but due to consistent copying or an abundance of  copies it loses its shine and makes it old and outdated but at the same time that inspires me more to push my limits and i create and give birth to new design.
  • What is the most special thing about design which catches your attention?
  • the fit and silhouette and with the right amount of embroidery makes u look like a diva and the right cut and color always do the magic.  It’s a designer who makes a big women look nice or i should I say look thinner by just the right design or appropriately draped clothes.
  • Do you think social, economic and technical factors have affected fashion over the years? How?
  • Yes, it always has from the old times till the modern times, However the outlook of people towards fashion has graduated from something meant only for extremely affluent people in old times to something which is accessible to a common person because of today’s understanding of people about fashion and because of today’s designers bringing a very simple yet modern trends of fashion into the society. Technology has proved to be a driving factor for spreading new trends in fashion, as modern and latest technology has been immensely influential in today’s fashion concious people to pick up latest trends, creations and everything related to it which includes texture, textile, accessories… the list is endless.
  • Would you expect your fashion show to go over an hour?
  • Definitely Yes because I come from a school of thoughts who is extremely progressive in my creations and and my creativity lies in eventually making garments which are modern, Different, attractive and unique, hence display of the same for an hour or more is just about time that i would need to make people familiar with my kind of clothing which is comfortable and mesmerizing.
  • No, cause my collection is too vast for it to be showcased in an hours time so I have always preferred picking up very few  according to the theme of the show….
  • Do you think hair and make-up makes a difference on a model when promoting the designs? Why?
  • definitely for stage show or shoot we need right makeup with particular design and even weather example i don’t want models to wear extra gaudy makeup for summer collection or i say too much of hair opened on stage will hide the design so right makeup and hair is necessary for fashion shows.
  • What skills do you think someone would need to put on a design?
  • imagination with practical experience so can imagine the design which is not only good on paper as sketch but can look good on someone body,every designer should have some professional training cause sometime u need the right language if u explaining a design company and same time u need to do practical work in workshop so can explain and understand workers.
  • What makes a good design?
  • 5 steps
  • 1 right sketch with detailed information
  • 2 then right fabric and color
  • 3 good stitch
  • 4 comfort finish
  • 5 durability
  • Any words for your followers and intoxicated fashion?
  • I am me….myself….the being of creativity….I am Amit Talwar Trekaaya, a self made designer with a quirky sense of Fashion. Like they say wine is an intoxicant so are my designs ask the ladies who are hooked on to them….for my designs take them into the land of fantasy where they are the queens who shashay down holding their own in any function or the Ramp.  Can only ask my followers to be like me….create not copy….respect…not criticize….for when you learn to respect…it automatically knocks on your door…and I have always left my door open and all the respect has come my way…not because i asked for it but because it came my way willingly .
  • What are your future plans as a designer?
  • taking all steps to follow my seniors to encouraged by them not copying them but following there foot steps as a designer and my upcoming stores and my passion to dress my favorite actress Sridevi and more challenging life in future which will keep in alive.

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