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An international stylist/makeover/grooming expert and is known for creating innovative styling, Aamer Zakir is a celebrity fashion stylist who has styled international models, designers and celebrities. Let’s see what Aamer feels ..

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How do you decide what suits whom?

Its just a matter of an individuality , I always suggest as per somebody’s personality. For me everyone has their own unique identity so one style trend never works for all. If something looks good on your favorite film star, may not look good on you. I suggest everybody to be a trend setter not the trend follower.

What do you love the most about your work?

My work comprises of styling, makeover, columnist and entrepreneurship and now I have my two fashion and life-style portals DELHI CHILLI and JUST AAMER ZAKIR. But all this require creativity and talent, so these two factors keep me on my toes always and inspire me to excel in my field.

Is it necessary to read fashion magazine to become a fashion stylist ?

Fashion is not something which can be learnt but it needs to be adopted, adhered and off course to be instilled in you. You must be fully updated about latest fashion trends and magazine can be a good aid to grasp that knowledge but at the end of the day something which counts more is practical knowledge and your own style & creativity of the said domain.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career so far, what path did you take to become a fashion stylist?

I am from iran, I came to india but Fashion didn’t happen to me overnight. Being a fashion designing graduate helped me a lot to understand this field much deeply. I commenced as a fashion designer and consequently one thing led to another.

So what made you want to become a stylist?

When I looked at the people with best body type covered in wrong choice of fashion, made me to do something about it. I have observed people falling a prey to the hands of latest trends without checking their appropriateness with their body. So I finally turned into a fashion stylist.

How do you prepare for a new fashion shoot?

I look at the concept of the shoot, I check models that which look suits them most and discuss everything with the photographer , makeup artist and hair stylist much in advance.

Is the job as glamorous as people imagine?

It might sound and look glamorous from the outer shell but inside its full of cut-throat competition and everybody hates or uses everybody here. You need oodles of patience, bundles of creativity and talent which will drive you too excel further.

Do you have any special tricks you’ve learned during your time as a stylist?

I always follow my mantra “Minimum is maximum and less is more”. You must not look as if you have spent hours in front of the mirror.

What are you inspired by?

I am somebody who can be inspired from a flower to a human; the only thing which is required is a spontaneous style presence.

If you didn’t have any experience of contacts, but wanted to start working as a stylist on fashion shoots, what would you do?

It’s a harsh reality but without contacts you can’t survive. It’s very important to connect with the right kind of people in this industry.

How do you cooperate with the makeup artists?

It’s not only about makeup artist but even a helper is equally important for me. It’s all about team work, where we all unlearn to learn further.

What trends in styling are you seeing right now?

As said earlier I am not a trend follower but I choose a style which suits person to person.

Does your styling for fashion shoots ever inspire your personal style?

I always keep my personal and professional life at a distance from each other.

What goals and challenges do you have as a stylist, what do you want to achieve?

I go with the flow and I never plan my life. I started as a fashion designer and ended up doing so many things. I am somebody who can be defined with one word that is SPONTANEOUS.

If you could style anyone in the world, anywhere in the world, who would you choose, what place would you choose and why?

I would like to choose Rekha and Madonna, because they keep reinventing themselves, their image and their style.

What has been the most memorable moment for you as a fashion stylist?

For me every day, every shoot is learning experience and my all working moments are close to my heart.

If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you wake up?

In my house and on my bed because that’s the most comfortable place for me.

Any words for your followers?

Just be yourself and be honest to your surrounding it repays you back.

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