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A happy medium between customer and a design

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Rocco Fashion is a leading online fashion retailer, offering affordable fashion forward clothing. Rocco Fashion provide catwalk and celebrity inspired pieces that are timeless, versatile and essential to every woman’s wardrobe. It also specialize in beautiful occasion wear, ideal when wanting to look fabulously stylish on a budget. Lets see what it thinks in depth.

Who are you?

La Mela is a young designer who has studied at a small design college in Sydney CBD. This is where she has developed the fundamental skills of becoming a designer.

Upon completing her course she worked at designer companies, as well as discount department stores. To refine the skills of two very different customers. Through this La Mela could see that there wasn’t a happy medium between a designer or department store.

How did you got this interest into fashion designing?

Since La Mela was able to walk, she has had a paintbrush or a pencil in her hand. As she grew older, La Mela liked the idea of creation. To come up with a concept and then to watch it come together. Naturally her dream was to become a fashion designer.

Describe your personal style

I would describe my personal style as smart but casual.

You have worked as a medium between various designers and department stores. How was that experience. Did it affect your present life

I believe that I have had a huge advantage by working for two very different customers. This was a great experience to see very different customers. I can honestly say that I do understand two very different customers and understand there needs and wants, however it was evident to me that there was a missing link between the two customers. Based on my experience this is what has now become Rocco fashion. A brand name without the hefty price tag attached.

Who is your target customer

We cover a wide variety of women from ages 16 to 65 years. We are also just about to launch our plus size range.

What is your inspiration about designing?

I am inspired by the people around me.

We have seen your beautiful collection. But none of them have any men clothes. Are you only designing for women?

At this stage we will continue with women’s clothing. Naturally as the brand expands we’d love to expand into menswear.

How did you come out with word ROCCO in your brand?

The name Rocco, came from her deceased grandfather. The word Rocco translates to Rock. La Mela took this word to develop her customer as a woman of great strength and independence. When La Mela designs her collections, the prime focus is comfort and price.

What are first 5 things you keep in mind while making a design.

Comfort, quality, price, fashion and unique.

What is fashion according to you?

Fashion to me is something to wear that you feel comfortable in. If you feel comfortable you become a confident independent woman.

What is your style mantra

My style of mantra is to keep focused. There are times where you want to throw the towel in the ring, but I go for a walk to clear my head in order to refocus

Who is your idol into this field?

I love John Richmond and Elie Saab

 What fabrics you frequently use in your clothes?

As we carry a huge variety of different types of products we have items from Silk, Cottons and Polyester.

Any celebrity who wore your clothes ?

No. However in the near future we’d love celebrities to wear our product.

How long have you been working as a designer?

Approximately 8 years

Did you see any changes in this market since you incepted?

Yes absolutely. Price is a huge contributing factor in fashion since the GFC

What do you dislike about fashion designing?

I dislike it when deadlines aren’t met.

What is your inspiration this season?

This season, our inspiration was to keep it simple. From here we were able to keep it simple with colours and shapes. Less is always more.

What advise would you like to give to aspiring fashion designers?

Don’t over think. Keep it simple.

Do you think social, economic and technical factors have affected fashion over the years? How?

Yes, absolutely. Our target audience is quiet large. We see this through our designs and customers that a younger girl may prefer something above the knee and has straps. A mature adult would prefer something below the knee or an item with a sleeve. Economically it has changed so rapidly, we believe our customers watch their spend which plays such a huge contributing factor to how our customers buy.

Do you provide your designs only in Australia?

No. We provide globally.

What makes a good design?

Planning. You must think about what the customer wants: Comfort, price, uniqueness and quality

Last words ?

Live your dream, don’t let someone live it for you

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