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    Swati Modo : Not just a label but  a factor13

    — By Mukul Jain


    SWATI MODO is a Designer Shoe Label
    started by a budding Shoe Designer Swati Mehrotra. The Label has been around for 5 years now, with much credit to its name. SWATI MODO has participated in various fashion weeks where the collection was highly appreciated. She has worked on the shoe collection for JJ Vallaya’s and Zubair Khirmani’s ,Koga,ashima leena etc to name few for WLIFW collection and for Rimjhim Dadoo,chaitanya rao for their last LIFW and not to forget her contribution to various budding designer’s.

    Let’s talk more about her in her own words.

    1. What do you do?

    Am a footwear technician…love to make shoes and dress up peoples feet:)

    2. What was the inspiration/concept behind your office space?

    I wanted India to be my inspiration i have used all leftover stuff what people might call waste but this area surely gives me kick to design wonders 🙂 This keeps reminding me nothing in dis world o rather no human is waste or should be discarded!

    3. What inspired you to enter in Footwear Design?

    I always wanted to create a product that would depict ones character or personality! And what better that can be other den shoes..:) During my course tenure i came across instances where ladies were never satisfied with their available styles that gave birth to SWATIMODO customised shoe boutique.

    4. What is the scope of Footwear Design in India?

    It’s a growing market when i entered it was a virgin unexplored market there are loads of opportunities as a designer technician or even a researcher…

    5. How do you think footwear design is different from the accessories and apparel design?

    Footwear is a very technical field a pair of shoe has about 200 components and each process leads to a comfy fit…one needs to ensure each process is carefully taken care of which needs a thorough knowledge and expertise

    6. Fusion of Indian and International in Footwear Design. How far it applied and impact on the market?3

    With changes in market and entry of international labels there has come a whole lot of differences in fashion trends …people are more exposed to international trends and even have become more aware about right fit right comfort etc…

    7. What message would you give to aspirants who want to make their career in Footwear Designing?

    Be focused and be sure if you really wish to enter this field it’s not a fancy and glamorous field but depends on how and what one envisions!!

    8. Since how long you are in to Footwear Designing?

    A lil tricky am into designing since the age of 12 when i started designing for my dolls and dreamt of being a designer 🙂 Shoes probably happened to me like an accident lol 😛 and i started making shoes from the age of 21 when i was in FDDI along with my course i made few special needs shoes and probably that was the seed towards this thought of customized shoes…

     9 .What is your favorite thing on your workstation?

    My handmade shoe shaped calendar to keep me up to date. 🙂 I even love (eeeeeeeee) my DAD’s chair which keeps the inspiration flowing in me always and blesses me.

     10 . Tell us about Your Footwear Collection and Work you done so far?1

    At swatimodo we try to make shoes that speaks a story for themselves. Leaving a statement is our Forte …We have made shoes inspired from various forms of life, people, places, culture etc. every collection we make we try to add that one factor that makes it unique and very SWATIMODO;) we have even made shoes based on one’s sun sign and birth horoscope (swatimodo’s patented concept) and zapp it also solves your astrology related issues:):) we make shoes for your pets launder your old pairs etc :):)

     11. Tell us about your footwear line in Siddharth Tytler’s show at Lakme Fashion Week summer/resort 2012.

    I tried to match up the perfection and fine detailing like Siddharth does to his clothing line:)We experimented with stilettoes to make it basic and chic moved to colour blocks in more structured and block chunky heels and finally to evergreen wedges:)

    12. Which celebrities wore and love your footwear?24

    My first client was Liza Verma (ex-Miss India) and Ila Arun 🙂 Guess they are my first and favourite 🙂 Shibani kashyap too flaunts Swatimodo…Iris Maitey and Hasleen Kaur ….pheww. I hardly remember that we did shoes for various pageants, models, shows etc….Even Priyanka Alva wore Swatimodo pair.

     13. Current Footwear Trend to Shop?

    This season shop for loads of colour stilettoes with platforms, wedges etc 🙂

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