Irfan Khan defines the importance of smelling good with Envy 1000, the realistic Deo

Irfan Khan
Envy 1000 has launched its new ad campaign with actor Irfan Khan for Envy 1000 deodorant with an ultimate idea of its long durability.

On this special launch Saurabh Gupta; CMO said that “Irfan Khan represents the image of a common man. When someone like Irfan endorses a brand then it is more like a step that whatever he is saying might makes a sense and that invites consumers to use the product and obviously will understand that our promises are 100 %”.

On the other side Irfan Khan says “Envy 1000 is a realistic deo having a long lasting fragrance. Deodorant cannot bring girls to you, for that you have to discover your own style you have to see what suits you, what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel good from inside.”

Brand Manager; Saket Govind says, “Envy 1000 is for youths of India and it lasts from morning to night.”

Naved Akhtar; creative director contradicts the theme of other deodorant advertisements; he says “now a days most of the deo ads shows a deo and a girl which is far from the reality. It’s not only degrading the man itself but it shows the man so helpless and talentless that you have to apply a deo to get a girl. So, our campaign is a sarcastic take on that.”
Leaving other deodorants behind Envy 1000 has entered the market with a promise of durability for more than 8 months even if you apply twice a day.

Irfan Khan has commented on the theme of other deodorants that to sell the products anything is being shown in the advertisement to get the attention of the consumers and at last he concluded the ad by saying Envy 1000 without gas has the durability of more than eight months which is more than the durability of your girlfriend.

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