Kanaloa Swimwear : A divine duality of the wild and the tame

Kanaloa Swimwear describe themselves as “A divine duality of the wild and the tame. Bringing total confidence to oneself, of both body and soul.  This is the essence of Kanaloa. This is what embodies the creative force between our unique prints and universal designs. Be the centre of your own being, your own style, and embrace the divine lifestyle that makes us human.”


Kanaloa Swimwear is a label created by two women, Samantha and Natalia, who combined their individual passions for design and marketing to create a range inspired by the positive and nurturing elements of woman all over the globe.

Kanaloa launching at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2015

Natalia is Colombian born and recently travelled to Australia to share and embrace the unique and amazing lifestyle this country has to offer.  Sun, surf, sand and ultimately the heightened energy of the Australian way of life is what attracted her to our shores.

Natalia is excited about combining this and her Colombian inspired creative elements to produce designs for women of all different shapes and sizes and of course for those a little wild and those a little tame.

“Creating a swimwear range was at the forefront of my decision to study Fashion Design in Colombia and then of course to go on to achieve my Masters in fashion right here in Australia,” said Natalia.

“Moving to a new country was a big leap of faith in both my capacity to embrace a new culture and to study at an institute such as RMIT Melbourne where English was my second language. “

“Taking on the challenge of developing a label and bringing this dream to fruition has been an amazing experience and I am so proud of how the Kanaloa designs have been accepted by so many.”

Samantha has been in the creative industries for over 20 years. Marketing, branding, consumer communications and media have been her passion and with many successful brands launched and supported by her expertise in this time, Samantha is now thrilled to be a part of something new.

“I just love the opportunities that working with creative young designers such as Natalia brings to the table and being a part of the creative process from start to finish is just extraordinary, said Samantha.”


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