Karlah Condon, designer behind the hottest new label Bikini Genie tells it

“As a child my mother always used to say “I hope this amounts to something”. She was of course referring to the multitude of tablecloths with little holes “accidentally” chopped out of them…… A poncho was never really a poncho, was it? Let’s be honest, it can be so many other amazing things, and one of them is NOT a very good parachute…..”

Bikini Genie Bikini_genie_1-33Forever in her mother’s closet,  dressed to the nines in rhinestone clip-ons, rouge perfectly massaged on to my round cheeks, draped in chinchilla furs; Karlah is reminded of how easy her mum made it look.  Karlah was trying to impersonate a woman who could do it all –  negotiate the highest of high heels, a snake skin clutch purse tucked under her arm with baby perfectly behaved, all whilst very casually pushing a stroller one-handed and inhaling ever so elegantly on a cigarette with the other…..

“Things look so much more glamorous when you are seeing them through sparkling five year old eyes!,” said Karlah.

“I’ve always taken book club days, themed discos and fancy dress parties to a whole other level!! Somewhere inside, there was a little designer/creator daring me to live a double life. Like the little genie who lived inside the blue bottle in my parents dining room. For hours it was easy to imagine myself living in there, just as Jeannie, of “I Dream of Jeannie” did. I would release the lid from the bottle with a firm a “pop”, close one eye and squint into the bottle with the other one. Even kneeling for long trips on the “magic carpet” was no stretch for me…Oh the places I would go….” Karlah reminisced.

With a background in fine art as a former student of Queensland College of Art, years of external studies and a Diploma of Applied Fashion Design as a mature age student, Karlah soon became a real life genie!! The Bikini Genie!

“Dressing up explores identity, an intention, a feeling, a theme and I think most incredibly, a presence.  Fashion to me is about telling a mini-story about who you are at this moment; and whilst you’re wearing it, it is taking you there. Bikini Genie is for those who love the skin they live in,” explained Karlah.

Bikini Genie is “anti-corporate”. Think cool quirky charm school. It is Swarovski crystals, sequins, the perfect mixture raw and refined.  The result is a luxe leisure wear collection with cocktail couture and a wolf whistle!!  Salty hair with nothing to wear? Bikini Genie can take you to Rio or road trippin’, from just wet to jet set… Cheeky, unpredictable, alluring and impeccably undone to perfection.

Bikini Genie is the right amount of cool with the perfect amount of crazy. Say hello to your inner bombshell and jump aboard my magic carpet…Cocktails in Ibiza anyone?

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