Model Life

This week I wanted to talk about some common myths surrounding the model agency and what it’s really like. While it may seem like all glamour and parties, at the end of the day being a model has it’s downside just like any other business.

1. You don’t usually get to keep the clothes.
Yes believe it or not 99% of the time you do not get to keep the clothes you wear as a model. Occasionally you may be given them as ‘trade’ for a runway show but this is in lieu of money and I don’t know about you but personally I would prefer the cash!

2. Most models don’t work every day
Jobs can be very infrequent. Some models work as little as once or twice a month and still make a full time living. While some models will be extremely busy all the time there are more likely to be times in between when there’s nothing much happening and it can be downright……BORING! gasp, shocking I know.

3. Models can be any age
Finding your niche as a model is so important and I have to say that I have recently found some models working successfully full time in their thirties and beyond. There is even a super awesome great grandmother in her 80’s who is totally rocking it for publications like Vogue on a regular basis.

There’s no doubt that being a model also has some amazing perks but it’s just important to be aware of some of the downsides.

Kind of unrelated but pretty cool, I found this list of top 10 models to watch over on Papermag. Definitely worth checking out, such a diverse range of looks!

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