A new Century Trouser

Trousers were first designed for woman in the early twentieth century,  and they are back in fashion, but this time, with just a bit more style (okay, a lot more).   The ankle length hem allows for a plethora of style combinations.  They are a fabulous way to spice up a wardrobe, and are on the working girl’s “must have” list!!


The Look: Suit by Theory, Shirt by Elizabeth and James, Black Bumps, Belt by BCBG, Bow Ring & Necklace “Sculpture to Wear”by  Llana Krepchin.

Top 3 Reasons why they made the list:

  • You can highlight your shoes with the ankle length hem*
  • You can change from a heel to a flat with no worries about the fabric dragging on the floor
  • They don’t need to be hemmed

Trousers are a must, and this season they are popping up in a rainbow of colors. Hello 21st Century, the trendy trouser has arrived!

Written by CgC Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Ashley Wallace

* The hem is the edge or border of a piece of cloth that is created by folding the cloth over and stitching it to itself. A hem measurement is made by measuring from the seam to the hem on a garment.

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