A white cotton blouse from Zara

I found this blouse at Zara. They have many stores here in Stockholm and I passed one of them to see what interesting items I could spot. Zara is a clothing chain with outlets in many, many countries.


I found this exclusive white blouse in an area of the store near the changing rooms with many nice items. They looked luxurious and were probably meant to stand out from the other items in that store. I liked the section – it looked great. I saw many fab items while browsing and decided to have a better look at this blouse.

The blouse has fab trimmings way down on the arms. I don’t know if you can see them well on the pic but they are firm. The pic is a bit bright but I think it’s easy to notice that the blouse has personality. I like it.



You can also see on the pic that there’s no collar. Try to see the pic – I don’t want anyone to say that this blouse’s anything but super. It’s a perfect style for anyone who likes to wear white. It fits both if you are absolutely slim and if you have up to five extra kilos on – that’s because the design is a little wide. Some people describe it as roomy. Notice the stitches. As far as I could see, it’s not elastic. It’s normal and good quality cotton.



I want to make it clear that the fabric is great quality. I admire people who are good at making blouses as stylish as this. It’s cotton. I assume it’s eco friendly because Zara is an eco concious chain and they say that they use cotton that’s good for the environment. Zara’s staff save on energy usage and they are proud to have the environment as a priority. The other priority are the customers – you (perhaps) and me – even though I didn’t buy anything from them yet; I’m just planning to.

Even animals will love the fact that you stopped by Zara’s to buy a stylish blouse – or one of the other items. They’ve a special policy for animal protection (I hope they follow it).

I also looked at their web site and saw jeans with holes – the right way. Also, I saw a nice short jacket that was checked and navy blue. It looks right! It has buttons in the front. It’s not cheap actually. The jacket is 100 Euro.


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