Direct Deposit to My Closet


You just got your paycheck, which always brings forth the burning desire to spend and, while yes, you do deserve a splurge (or two), you also want your paycheck to last. When you receive a paycheck, it is a great time to add one select article to your wardrobe. This will help you avoid the binging that occurs when you only shop once or twice every season (can you imagine?!). If you buy one great item with every paycheck, you will actually be able to enjoy it instead of feeling guilty over the entire wardrobe you bought last week!

Think about how this looks in your life: One day, out of the blue, you wake up and hate every single thing in your closet. Maybe you have a date that night, or an important interview, or your hair just won’t stay put, but you realize that you need a new outfit.  You rush out and buy an obscene number of trendy spring pieces.  This is a vicious cycle: You spend an inordinate amount of money on clothes that are only going to last for a season (two if you are lucky), and you blink and they are out of style.

You come home from your little extravaganza guilt-ridden and determined to live off of Top Ramen for the next two weeks. Does that sound like fun?  No, and besides, Top Ramen has way too much sodium in it.  We have a better solution.  It’s called Direct Deposit to My Closet, and it will solve all your problems (Well maybe not all of your problems…). Every two weeks when your paycheck hits your account,  treat yourself to one select item. Using your hard earned cash to purchase one item every two weeks, instead of overcharging your credit card on the occasional shopping trip will become an enjoyable part of your spending and will eliminate the guilt you feel from binge purchasing.

Every week we will feature a “must have” item in three different price points that will help you build a wardrobe full of classic, trendy, and versatile pieces.  With Direct Deposit to My Closet, all of your friends will be envious of your fabulous style, and your wallet won’t be complaining, either.



Forever 21 $19.80


Bloomingdales $138


Nordstroms $68



Shopbop $242

The flared mini is a great alternative to the always chic pencil skirt. It’s the perfect dose of femininity, polished yet playful. When Fall comes, try pairing this flirty skirt with a cropped sweater and some killer knee-high boots! Your choices are endless. Just remember, if your going to wear it to work make sure it’s an appropriate length (Err on the side of caution). 

Written by CgC Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Ashley Wallace


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