H&M Yellow top


This top is fab! The color is mustard. I like both the look of it and the color. I found this at H&M where they have new items all the time – every week there’s something new.

 It’s made in a simple way – perhaps with the look of something you made on your own on the computer and then cut the fabric and stitched it together. There are computer program to use where you can make design – or you can draw something with color tips on paper.

 A color like the one on this top is very unusual, also at H&M. They have items with strong color but not that many. For this reason the color stood out. Color on clothes is something I like. I wrote about many colorful items here on this blog.

 This top is elastic. It’s probably very easy to use. Just put in the washer, hang it up and then iron before you use it. If not it can get crinkly.

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