Japan reinvented

(re)discovering the kimono

Japan has always fascinated my young spirit. I was in college when I begun to discover its real culture, by little contact only. ‘Memoirs if a geisha’ (both book and movie) were my mentors. It did not take me too long until I started to try to live as an European geisha. Eating rice, drinking green tea and keeping the tea leafs in the little cup and using their gestures, even handling coloured fans while listening to traditional music. Looking back now, I know what really attracted me : the perfect red lips and the clothes that geisha wear, in fact fashion they’ve created and still maintain nowadays.

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Of course, their kimonos are elaborate, they act like statement clothing. Made by hand, from pure silk and absolutely fabulous natural colours, kimonos represent not only a culture, but they also give class to any other Occidental piece of clothing. A geisha kimono is almost impossible to be worn by average women. It is truly heavy and uncomfortable if you are not used to it.

In response to this classy rank occupied by the authentic Japanese kimono, designers and retailers took it into the spotlights this season. When my favourite fashion blogger posted photos wearing a H&M kimono, I suddenly remembered my old cup of tea. I was delighted. Perfect for both urban and beach outfits, a combination of luminous green and sparkling blue, cool and lazy – therefore this is the perfect adapted kimono, suitable for the modern women’s dressing.

Later I found it on first day of season sale at H&M and remembered again. I could not resist the temptation. Kimono and blue, perfect couple in my vision. Even it may appear as the ideal cover for a day at the beach or at the pool, I choose to pair it with rather more feminine items. Basically I have managed to reinvent these old top and skirt. Instead of wooden sandals worn by Japanese women, I also chose to wear these high heeled platform sandals, giving again a touch of own personal belongings and fashion discoveries.

And now I am considering a new purchase, hoping to find similar kimonos also in other colours or textures. I would prefer one in lemon yellow and black. Trying to find it soon enough !


Oana Daiana Hamza ( Fashion blogger )

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