Outfit Of The Week: Touch of Armani

As promised, today there is again a new outfit post for you! The shoot took place, we have this time in Media Park, where I with its waterside plants incidentally found the contrast between the modern glass buildings and the dreamy pond noticed very inspiring;)
The core of today’s Looks (as the title probably guess) is a top of Armani that I have right here worn the last time about a year ago for Germany Premiere of “system error”. Since then, it has unfortunately been hanging in the closet and why I liked the idea very well to help him in the context of this post to a kind of comeback. Basically, the outfit is pretty typical for me: both the shoes and the trench are among my most worn garments (you know it already from other posts: here , here andhere ) and the top … is just great: P Basically love I yes and when I came silk on the internet on this piece, I could not say no.
Furthermore, I would like to make you more aware of one other thing that generally relates not to post directly, but my outfit posts. As you know, my looks are currently of Chuck Photographics photographed and as you also should know by now I’m going in August of this year gradually pack my bags and move into my dorm room to Bonn. Episode: At least in the near future it could be that there is only one less time to see outfits. Well, I admit that not just are commonplace here, but I want you to have definitely suggest her as my readers nunmal somewhere have a right to know what is going on there. Since all currently but everything is a bit vague and the future now times in the stars, I want to paint but no facts on the wall. I hope you like the post and you have a nice weekend 🙂


Trench by H & M
Top by Emporio Armani
Dress by H & M
Shoes by Pier One
Necklace by H & M
Jacket by Tally Weijl 
Bag by Victoria’s Secret
As promised, today there is again a new outfit post for you! The shoot Took place this time in the Media Park , Which comstitutes to inspiring contrast in between modern glass buildings and the dreamy pond next to them. The core of today’slook is a top of Armani did I have worn the last time about a year ago right here for remiere of ” system error ” . Since then, it Has unfortunately been hanging in the closet and THEREFORE I liked the idea very well to help him in the context of this post to a kind of . comeback Basically, the outfit is quite typical for me Both the shoes and the trench belong to my mostworn pieces of clothing you know it already from other posts here , here and here ) and the top … is just great Basically I love silk, and when i found this piece on the internet, I just Could not say no.


So far so good – I hope you like the post (and the outfit) and have a nice weekend 🙂
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