From bold burgundies to dark maroons, your oxblood collection from fall 2013 is making a comeback. The fall-perfect tone looks great paired with pretty much anything and complements colours like dark blue, heather grey, black and white. But this hue’s trend extends beyond the runway; it’s also everywhere in beauty.

Cherry red lipstick has a rival who won’t seem to back down. Darker, more badass, and unapologetically sexy, “burgundy has become a mainstay for fall,” says makeup artist Lucia Pieroni, who used the hue at Vera Wang. The easiest way to pull it off? Apply straight from the tube, blot, reapply, and blot again. “You want it to look a bit diffused,” says Pieroni. As for the rest of your face, keep your makeup minimal.
If you invest in just one nail color this season, let it be deep, dark, and a little vampiric, like the tips we saw at Burberry Prorsum and Louis Vuitton. This shade goes with everything, including many of the cool-right-now colors (deep blue, olive green).

In fashion you can find it everywhere from bags to hats , from coats to dresses , just make your pick . I’ve already made mine , bought a burgundy leather jacket and hat and my next thing on the list is a pair of leather ” bloody ” pants .
Cool hunting girls !
By Roxana, blogger at Roxannech
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