A dress for cocktails on Tarek Nour’s balcony

I found a dress on the web today – actually this blog’s owner showed it to me – and it would be perfect for me to wear if I go for a cocktail in the Middle East with one of the world’s richest men – Tarek Nour. He runs an advertising empire from a building with a lovely view over a Middle Eastern river. The sun shines all the time on the balcony (balacona in the local language) outside his enormous room (an office room).

 His lovely wife who also runs a business empire would of course join us for cocktails. It wasn’t too hot I’d prefer to stand outside on the “balacona”. I don’t know if the security would allow it and it’s only in my thoughts because I haven’t been invited.

 The dress is shown on a website and it’s from well known brand. It’s name is Sheinside. The dress has a floral pattern and the base is light blue. It has slings around the neck and the dress comes down in the back. It’s a long dress. The woman on the picture has perfect sandals with painted heels. There’s probably no need for any extras. Why wear a neckless when the dress already has a pattern. As I said, the base is light blue and the pattern is pink and brown. It’s called a blue Criss Cross Floral Split Maxi Dress.

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 I found another item on the same web page. I think it would be perfect for Tarek’s wife. It’s short and she could wear it with stockings perhaps. It’s called a Green Round Neck Long Sleeve Floral Pleated Dress. The style’s name is Street. The pattern is pink and brown and it has a rounded neck. The sleeves are 59 centimeters so they are long.

 We could drink a Perrier because a lot a people in the Middle East look down on people who use alcohol.

 If Tarek Nour’s wife order the dress and she want to return it right away she has 30 days to do so. Express shipping – her way – is 3 days.

Sheinside is based in China. It offers the latest street styles – and other styles too – to people who are interested in fashion. If you are interested you can search for  more dresses, coats and boots. They think every customer should find a unique item and are inspired by the ready-to-wear shops in central London and Paris. They like to sell their goods at what they think are affordable prices.

 The company like to focus on the customer and on success. Shopping should be exciting. They offer good service. Sheinside do both buying and their own design. They’re friendly.

 I looked also at a long deep blue cocktail dress if I wanted another one for another time. It’s called a Blue Deep V Neck Backless Maxi Dress. The material is polyester. The style is described as casual. There’s no pattern on. It’s striking because it fits perfect with crisscross belts in the back. They have a large selection of long and sleeveless dresses. They come in many different materials and colors. Have a good time browsing around the Sheinside website (www.sheinside.com). Getting the dresses is probably easy but I haven’t tried to order yet.

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