Women worship shoes

Women worship shoes. They are not simply « addicted » to them.

My real passion for shoes of all kinds, colours, fabrics and styles has begun to flourish when I was a high-school girl. It has been triggered when I was…three years old. As a little child and a future-to-be stylish woman, my eyes met the perfect pair of red low heeled shoes with bows, which belonged to a friend of mine. I felt in love with them and simply stole them. I enjoyed the moment just for a couple of hours…but it was magical.

Since then, my love for shoes has become unstoppable.

In this moment, as an adult woman, I try to behave responsibly and I am purchasing all the items for my shoe collection, not steal them anymore 🙂

I have even created the ideal list with the perfect items on it that I think would fit in every modern women’s wardrobe. Two years ago, shoes in my closet were following the same comfort line : moderate colors, touches from different classical design patterns, rather comfortable than exciting and a too large bit of common taste. But my style has known a new age once my fashion blog became available.


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Now I dare : metallic touches, different patterns in expressing colors, different heel kinds, even different fabrics, finally – different vision, different lifestyle.

Some of the items I am going to show you are already in my wardrobe, other are soon to be.

We all need these shoes. They make life easier and even worth living….

It is summer and a brilliant pair of colored wedge sandals is welcome. Pair it with high waisted shorts or a white maxi dress. For those days who have ‘comfort’ as their middle name, choose a pair of flat sandals which are designed in a bright color (fuchsia, yellow, cobalt blue). Paint it to whatever you like, but try to dare more : since you are not wearing any heels,the rest of the outfit can be more appealing.

And then – the final hit – every woman should possess that fabulous pair of high heeled sandals (not wedges), the one you wear when going to a date with man of dreams. I have already opted for these Zara red high heels. I would simply pair them to a boyfriend white shirt and a bodycon midi purple skirt.

When it comes for shoes, options are basically unlimited. We need them all. The pale blue leather shoes with thick heels and shoelaces from Zara are an endless life item. Add a asymmetrical dress and you will feel incredibly better.

The kitten heels on black shoes are subject to a style statement, especially when you work in a business environment. Little bows will allow you to preserve your femininity even in a very important meeting.

And yes, white shoes are not only designed for brides. There was a time in my early life when I have managed to wear even two pairs of this kind. Take a look at the heel. I guess its design makes you rise the eyebrows and this is the purpose : let’s not be mainstream anymore !

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’ – Coco Chanel

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Oana Daiana Hamza ( Fashion blogger )

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