Madeline Stuart returns to Australia to walk Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival

Madeline Stuart is a young woman with a mission to encourage and inspire others. Madeline is also an 18 year old young woman with Down Syndrome.

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Her story is fast becoming one of social media fairytales but it is the support of the global fashion industry and her mission that is winning the hearts of everyone. It all began with the goal to lose weight, a weight issue that her family believe to be part of the genetics of Down Syndrome. With a change of dietary habits and some fun new exercise programs and group activities, a healthier Madeline emerged. A modelling career soon followed as a goal of Madeline’s.
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Madeline has made her debut at New York Fashion Week this year and is returning home to Australia to walk at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival on October 17.
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“The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival has accepted models of all shapes, sizes and ages since its inception in 2008, so why not all genetic make-ups as well,” said founder and director Jacinta Richmond. “It is about the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival giving this young woman another platform to be a great role model for other young women. This is what we look for in Sunshine Coast models and Madeline embodies this criteria.”
Madeline will be strutting her stuff for Myer, Australia Zoo, Embellished Kaftans, The Beach Skirt and Flowers by Julia Rose at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival on October 17.

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