Antica Murrina

FOCUS Bracelets”

East: infallible destination for those who are chasing dreams. This is the theme of the new Antica Murrina collection which follows its own history of Venice and finds inspiration in the ancient Byzantium, a world away in between European modernity and oriental exoticism.

Gold, silver, mosaic, amber and precious minerals evoke the splendor of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations that once traded with the flourishing city of the doges. But today is the fresh look of three different women that brings to life the sumptuous elegance.

The lines Byzantium, “Serenissima and Samarcanda” is dedicated to a woman most classic:  there prevails a wealth composed of shapes and colors, very elegant and is sure to charm. Active is the woman who turns the line Delhi: accessory for a young and contemporary style, where tradition meets the color.

The metal amber and fresh tones of glass beads, combined with glazed effects and regular shapes, add a brilliant touch to the outfit even more simple. The lines Oriental and Damascus have been designed for a chic woman who looks to the fashion world: tactile effects inspired by vintage textiles and shapes characterize the two lines.



By: Maria Grazia Pitrelli, blogger at Your Fashion Chic

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