Black Louis Vuitton shoes

This week I passed the Louis Vuitton store here in Stockholm. They have a dedicated outlet for shoes and bags. I asked kindly if I could take a photo of any item. A manager suggested a pair of black shoes with zippers all over. They look great! I hope you like the photo. I think it’s nice.

Malene Birger dress

Malene Birger dress

 The atmosphere in the shop was fantastic. I find that shopping and browsing in a real shop is a thrilling experience so I don’t expect that all shopping will ever move to the Internet. Online experiences are nice but so is a visit to a store. Especially a Louis Vuitton store.

 A fantastic thing about real shopping is that you get to see the product first hand. It’s easy to imagine that you want to take something and use it. It’s easy to imagine if you like to wear it. If it’s a shoe and you’re interested than perhaps you can try it on.

 This Louis Vuitton-store is located in a street with other high fashion stores. Inside it you can look at hand bags and shoes. It’s a shop dedicated to the two kind of items. I don’t what else Louis Vuitton have – perhaps I will find out later if I look for them online.

 The Louis Vuitton-store here in Stockholm is a dream: clean, proper and well kept! I’d like to return again. You don’t have to love anything the first time you go. Just look around and get familiar. I went all the way to the inside back where I found the shoe on a small table in front of a larger table. As I said, I think they are great! A manager pointed out that you can see reflections on the inside back of the shoe. It’s a fantastic thing only those who look at the shoe without wearing it will notice. And the outside of the shoe is just as noticeable. There are zippers all over that’re mostly a decoration. The shoe shines and have sturdy and rounded shapes with thick soles. As I said, I almost couldn’t stop looking at them and liking them.

 However, it wasn’t possible to take them with me this week. I had too much to carry on me such as the laptop and my gym bag. I left the store without shopping but hope to return with lots of cash some other day.

 In the same street there are dedicated Prada and Gucci shops and a Zara house decoration store. The shopping here is fab! I hope to return again very soon with my camera.

 I would like to thank the staff at the Louis Vuitton store for letting me take the pic of these fab shoes. I don’t have to say that there were many more interesting items in that shop. The thing about this kind of store is that it’s traditional and it’s easy to browse with or without someone from the staff.

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