By Malina

I passed by the largest department store here in Stockholm today and saw a dress from By Malina. They have a huge selection of different brands at Åhléns in Stockholm. I spoke with Åhléns and he said I could easily come inside. I met a queen I liked before from England in the door. She looked fantastic! She was trying out shopping in Stockholm. She has a nice looking stride! I remember when Swedish royals were as powerful as the British – that’s my general observation from reading about them in the press.

Åhléns wanted me to look at perfume but instead I got on the moving stairs and went up to the women’s clothes. I browsed for five minutes and found a small section with thin and colorful dresses, skirts and shorts. It was hard to choose one item for this blog post so I stood there for probably no less than one minute. That’s a long time, I noticed, in a department store. Most customers come often and know a lot about the fashion there – or so I assume.

 I picked the dress and then I found the booth for trying items. This time I only stayed so that I could take a photo . Isn’t the dress great! It fits well with how people like to dress when the weather is warm, perhaps in the evening outside. Perhaps for cocktail hour.

IMG_7209 IMG_7214 mbfw2

 I also took a photo of my jacket hanging on the hanger next to the mirror. Some people think it looks to warm but it’s actually perfect all year round. I keep it on because a lot of others (such as homeless people) are cold all year around. When I tell them I have my jacket on they like it.


 By Malina vision is to make people who buy at their online store feel special. Each item is made with love, they also say. Perhaps they mean it. I still think the dress looks fan!

collection2 collection4

Besides the items I mentioned above, they have an assortment of accessories including nice silk napkins.

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