Coat from Swedish Acne

This coat was in the Acne Studios Booth at the department store when I stopped in the other day. Acne is a speciality brand based in Stockholm with quite a big sale volume. As I said before – people are buying for fall and winter already now here in North Europe. It’s a duffel with a double collar – the upper is made of brown fur. The coat itself is dark blue. It’s a wonderful piece. We love it here in Stockholm where it certainly belongs. The winters are sometimes chilly. It’s not Siberia – but chilly just the same – I think it’s the mix of wind and grey weather with rain or snow. If you have to wait for a bus in a suburb you probably like to wear it. It would be almost like having stayed back home. I mean that you’d be almost as warm with it as back in the house. Homeless who stay out all night also during the winter – people among them who feel the cold – should all get a coat of this kind. They’d love it. They’d live in it. Being cold is one of their largest challenges. They want to live well and healthy! Perhaps it can keep them warm all winter and they can just ´take it off when they get indoors to a soup kitchen or a church front room early in the morning. If it’s December of January – it would be dark outside still when they have their breakfast. This coat would fit perfectly in such a scene if it was a film.
It’s fab also for the rich! Just imagine going to church wearing it! Or to work! Or to the bank to get cash – if you still use it! It not, your master card fits easily in its pocket.
The duffel’s fab also for people who are in between – if they can get it. Some people with “normal” salaries would have to do something out of the ordinary and save money for six months on their accounts before they can get one. Perhaps they can steal a coat – if they know how to do it – or borrow money and pay back with interest rate every month. I think one such item to wear during winter is a wonderful “cadeau” for the body. Who wants to be cold? Combine it with a gym card and you’re ready to live a perfect life.
By: Jane Hamrin

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