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Crisp Brings New High Fashion to Bangalore

Crisp, a multi-brand luxury store that opened in Bangalore, India in 2011, updated its Facebook page with the latest 2014 high fashion news. For instance, this retailer just connected to the Braccialini fan page and introduced new dress, handbag and shoe designs produced by various companies.

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Crisp said on its Facebook page that Braccialini’s benchmark values include playfulness, uniqueness and “Made in Italy,” and that these traits are used to recognize an authentic handbag. In order to learn more about identifying totes, bags and purses produced by Braccialini, at least 162, 423 users already followed this brand’s social media posts. Anyone who made plans to attend the 2014 Mille Miglia running from May 15-18 also will learn more about featured Italian designer totes, clutches, purses and more.

In addition to staying in touch with current fashion events and assisting with the Mill Migla promotion, Crisp also announced its own in-store sales. For instance, this designer fashion store posted an announcement about a discount offer for 15% off brand-named handbags. Availability of select totes, clutches and purses is subject to change but includes some Braccialini items until May 31, 2014.

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Another fashion item introduced by Crisp is the Wet Seal Sleeveless Cutout dress as seen worn with the Blue Sand Jacket and John Galliano shoes. This outfit recently modeled for 2014 was accented by a hairband made by Alexander de Paris. Also currently announced are the Pins and Needles Lace Top, Ikita Neckpiece and Gianfranco Ferre Heels. An additional favorite for women is the Trussardi Sling Bag.

Newly-displayed men’s fashions include the Pal Zileri collection of men’s casual and formal items. For instance, the Pilota Biella wool mill in waffle weave Mohair is now available. Designers made this jacket crease proof, and images show this navy-colored piece worn with some white casual pants and print shirt. Additional Pal Zileri men’s items for summer include the white blazer and a blue-colored suit modeled at recent shows that took place in Italy and Spain. This brand also produces polos like the one worn by Vincent Cassel in Spain back in March.

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Crisp Bangalore also displayed new hats, shoes, jeans, travel kits, jackets, wallets and more. Furthermore, a vast range of high-end jewelry is now offered at this retailer. This fashion house sits near Lavelle Road, a very popular shopping district. Products available are manufactured from Europe, the UK and the USA, but this retailer selected for sale based on current Indian cultural preferences.


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