People who like time

Wristwatches with an exclusive style for people who like time

Dolce & Gabbana makes exclusive wristwatches for both men and women. It’s now the time to disregard the instructions on what watch to wear. A man can definitely look good in a watch that seems to be meant for a women. The other way around, a woman can look smart in a watch supposedly meant for a man, is just as true. However, Dolce & Gabbana seems to make it clear to customers that a DG7+-model is for a man and a DG7 is for a woman. At the same time they are sure that their watches are high-end; meaning that they are very exclusive. They even seem to promise that their watches will last forever. That’s interesting. No service ever needed, I understand. D & G say for watches, that the DG7+ is part of a new collection they say is “haute horologerie watches.” And it’s a “timepiece.” And also, it’s already world famous. The DG7+ was designed for leisure, they say. It was produced in Switzerland by some very skilled watch-makers. The design is considered super good. There are two versions of DG7+ and you can read about them on the company website. It’s also possible, they say, to order them online.

DG7_viola DG7+_caucciu

Needless to say, they are also available in D&G outlets around the world. Check if you have one of their outlets nearby or someone else that has a re-seller agreement with them. No doubt, D&G watches can be worn by anyone and anywhere. Check what gems are on the watch that you want. D&G like pearls and diamonds. Today a lot of people wear watches without really using them a lot. Instead they can see what time it is on other gadgets that they have and use often. It can be a cell phone for instance. However, a nice exclusive watch is not only for checking time or counting the minutes and hours. It’s a piece of interesting craftsmanship. Most people don’t know how to make a watch but they know that it’s made out of many, many small details. Nice watches are, as most people are sure you know, something people like to own. Keeping many nice watches can be a hobby for some. And, there are many more brands so the hobby can take a lot of time. A shop owner according to a survey tells that even though there are more than a hundred exclusive brands for watches, many people only remember a few. The most popular, from what people remember and perhaps also wear – because all brands sell, he says – are Cartier, TAG Heuer and Rolex – especially Rolex. Let’s add two more that are easily remembered; Bulgari and Monki. I also had a look inside a large department store in Stockholm in Sweden called Åhléns. From what I could tell; they really love watches there. It seems almost like the most popular type of product that they sell. And their store is huge. Later, when I was searching for more information about D&G and hopefully more about their brand I read that somebody else thinks D&G are not paying enough tax in Italy. I don’t know more about that. D&G are based in Milan. Perhaps we can find out more about their watches at a later time. Keep the faith!

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