H&M offer lots of choices for looking good this summer

Fashion is always moving, they say in the editorial in H&M’s latest magazine for the summer. H&M want you to also move – and I’m with them – go to the beach if you like it there and be ready for having a party there at any time. I own a bikini from H&M but it’s one from last year – perhaps time to get a new.


Let me tell you, if you haven’t heard about H&M that they’re Sweden’s largest fashion retail chain and available in many countries and many cities around the world. They also have online stores. Look for them at http://www.hm.com. H&M copy the larger and well know fashion brands such as Prada. They also make their own designs and are totally working according to a concept called fashion. They say that it moves, meaning there are new seasons all the time that they discover according to methods for measuring what people like and what they sell. They are very advanced when it comes to using methods of gathering data and mining, meaning looking at their own results in print and such. This says, you can say, that they are really worth looking at when you are interested in wearing fashion.


If you are looking for beachwear, they have summer clothes with more prints than usual. I looked at shorts that are navy blue and white; at first they look striped but looking closer the not so straight stripes are actually in a zig-zag pattern. They look trendy for the woman who likes to combine easy with style. I’d say in Sweden, where I currently live, people from the country will wear these shorts more than anyone else.

The fun thing is that there’s a suitable bikini up that you could wear with those interesting shorts. It doesn’t look like the same fabric as the shorts but for those who like to mix and match they are truly an interesting choice. The up is also navy blue and white and this time I think the stripes are straight and not anything else. Instead the design is criss-cross and would look really smart over one’s bussom.

Toss those shorts I first mentioned and look at the bikini bottom. You get navy blue and white and now it’s zig-zag again but in a different style. The combo, I mean the bikini ensemble, is striking. The bottom looks as if it could hold in a puffy stomach a bit. It’s a 1050’s style made wearable for the summer of 2014.


Their stylists added hair clips that are a different shade of blue – more marine or perhaps more like the color of the water surface in a lagoon in a tropical place (I can’t think of an example now), and they have some gold trimmings. I think they would be a really nice addition for anywhere. You don’t have to be precisely on a beach – depending on where you live, you can probably wear shorts with a bikini up or this bikini ensemble at your home or in your garden. A lot of people have outdoor swimming pools these days even if I haven’t access to any right now. I’d probably just wear such items on my own in a hot room in order to feel more comfortable there. It would make summer a more interesting experience for me and I’d know I look good. Just proving that to myself is nice for me. I don’t need Prada or an expensive brand at all times. A new item from H&M swimwear, under the design name “Beach Bounty,” would totally be suitable for me.


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