Fastest growing lingerie brand in Europe…

If you’re interested in lingerie, here are some new items from Hunkemoller to see if you like. As you may already know, Hunkemoller is a brand with head offices in Amsterdam. Their weather is mostly hot during summer and the population like light clothing. Hunkemoller have many bikinis, underwear and also clothes suitable for sports. Their style is best perhaps described as cute, tiny and tight.

 Patterns on the fabric are flourishing and the base color is well exposed – it means that the patterns printed on the fabric are well exposed to the eye. For those who are not familiar with Hunkemoller prints, they can be described as, let’s say, specific to the eye. I think most people have to find out if they like such styles because you get a certain feeling when you wear patterns like these, even when the items that are printed are small. These clothes could be used as beach wear.

 The fabric used to make clothes for Hunkemoller usually stretches, you can try it with your hand, and it’s suitable not to take a size that is large, instead let the fabric be close to the skin – some people would call this “a tight fit”. Besides bikinis, bottoms and uppers, slippers and bras, there’s a variety of sports items to select. The sports clothes are as tight as the others and this means that you feel a bit like a cat when you move, for instance when you opt to participate in an activity such as working out/body trim.

 I wasn’t sure and checked to see if they have something for tennis or golf? Why not, those are good sports. Plans for the future perhaps. I searched their web site, but found nothing but items for the gym. Fair enough, I have a gym card so in my case the collection is perfect. To sum it up: the sport collection fromHunkemoller is mostly for the gym.


Most items in the sports collection are good for sports activities; both indoor and outdoor. For instance, there’s a great item for the upper body called a T-shirt Sierra and black leggings – by the look of it, these two fit well together – it’s definitely a super nice combo.


Hunkemoller have different sites for different countries and I opted to search the one for the UK market.  The web site has great layout where it’s possible to see lots of different things and to order specific items. There are two pages with news on one and popular items on the other. The rest of the pages are under different headings such as knickers, nightwear and swimwear. In addition, Hunkemoller can send anything you buy to your house or a pick-up place nearby – depending on the system for parcel delivery in your country and your neighborhood. They deliver to anywhere in the world. Our advice is that after you get your clothes from Hunkemoller, on anyone other company, you check if your country has import tax and pay it.


To sum it up! Hunkemoller is fun. It’s for people who enjoy clothes that are light and small on the body. Most of us would refer to the term lingerie, but it’s probably better described using the terms for some of the items people wear mostly during summer holidays. Check their web site at www.hunkemoller.comfor many, many styles of bikinis and swim wear.

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