The new Lindex chain – a great brand if you’re fashion conscious

I found some interesting underwear from a Swedish fashion chain called Lindex. They are growing right now and turning into a global chain and they’re interesting for the fashion conscious because they follow all trends with vigor. There aren’t that many other fashion companies that work that way – not even Marks & Spencers from the UK. M&S make their own fashion based on what designers like – I mean that they make decisions according to personal choices.


Lindex’s design staff works according to a schedule and they don’t take decisons based on personal interest. Instead they “read” the trends worldwide and in their home city Stockholm. Mostly they follow international trends. Perhaps it’s weird that they do so when they don’t sell to anyone abroad. They are just very fashion conscious and if a Swedish person wants to travel abroad they can make purchases of items to wear at Lindex and wear them anywhere.

They have “brieves” or knickers as most people call them with pattern. Some are checked, meaning there are narrow stripes in blue and white all over them. That design have small bows on them too. Some are pink and some are light blue.

The fashion conscious can opt for designs in white and black. They look striking and if you put them in your suitcase on a trip, and if customs want to unpack your bag, they will probably like them too. I think that’s a much nicer reason to get nice underwear – put it in a bag on a trip – than that other example that was popular in the past about ending up in an accident.

Lindex bra-volution - Lindex models

I looked also at H&M for the UK and what they offer for lingerie. They make collections based on what their customers want and can understand. Lingerie in the UK is always something with lace so the collection I saw, in black and white, is all covered with lace. The items look hard on the skin but I haven’t tried them. A model I spoke with say that they are fine but I guess it could be because she was used to them when she had to wear them in the past.

The “brieves” sold by Lindex are soft. If you ever had a cotton dress that was woven you know what I mean – the fabric moves (it used to be referred to as elastic) so that the underwear always fit no matter if you became a bit fat since yesterday. That’s practical if you’re like me and don’t know your exact size from one day to the next.

There’s one interesting model at Lindex that I’ve tried. They speak of hipster styles and they mean a certain style for people who aren’t fashion conscious at all – actually it’s for people who like the casual from Prada. In Lindex lingerie stores hipster means something that is straight over the front but sometimes have fringes on the side. I tried the one with fringes. They felt different.

Lindex have stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Czeck Republic, Poland, Russia and other places. There are web stores for customers in other countries too.


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