Malene Birger dress

I found a marvelous dress at my favorite department store here in Stockholm. It’s from the brand Malene Birger. The pic is a little pale but perhaps you can see that the dress has pepita pattern and the colors are light yellow, light grey and light orange. I noticed, as I held it up, that it has invisible pockets. It’s cotton and looks fantastic for someone who wants to be comfortable at home.

Malene Birger dress their pic

Isn’t it great! The length is marvelous. I enjoyed the visit to the department store. It was only a short visit but I found the dress after only five minutes. I passed a department downstairs with bags and shoes and quickly got on the moving stairs. Once I came to the women’s department I saw it immediately. I grabbed the right size and moved to the cubicle. I didn’t try it on – just had a closer look. It was fantastic!


 There’s a tag on the dress where it says Malene Birger. I assume this is one of many dresses from them. This could be one of the few necessary items that you need to keep with you at all time. I never forget a film I saw where a woman was homeless and had a small suitcase with her at all times. I think if the bag contained only one spare item to change into and I’m thinking that if it was me it could be exactly this dress. Let’s say I’d go to the department store to pick something up wearing one set of clothes and then after I’d like to change into something else that is more comfortable. I’d definitely be very happy to get out this item from the bag and change into it. I would be fab!

 If my friends didn’t like it, I’d still keep it. I don’t think friends should ever pick out my clothes for me. That’s not to say that I want to wear something that’s not suitable. I think I can find something good for every occasion and this dress is absolutely right for a high-income house after work, or for strolling around in a hotel. I would wear it also after working out at a gym – or on my way to the pool area. There’re also some places where you could wear it easily to the casino tables. It means that you’re not cheating.

 Malene Birger must be a hidden power house. I don’t know much about them yet but they can definitely produce a dress that makes a person feel good. As I said, I haven’t tried it on, but if anything it looks comfy and easy to get on and off. People who are rich don’t care about trends – I assume – they care about quality and comfort. This dress is absolutely right for them – or if someone ordinary can afford such an item. I imagine that perhaps anyone should be able to save enough to buy at least one such dress per season.

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