Phax Swimwear

Swimwear for the beach star from Phax

I found Phax swimwear on the Internet and I remember the brand from before. It was very popular once. I’m not sure but perhaps in the 1970’s or 80’s. Just the same, they are still available. Phax sell their items in the largest department store here in Stockholm. So, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate a post to their style. I looked at bikinis but saw also long dresses and full swimsuits that cover the stomach.

On another note: I’ve noticed lately that colors are changing. They look different compared to what they did only a week ago. I think it’s because people are very aggressive. Lots of people like to focus on colors as if they were pushing colors out of an item. They can’t push anything out, but the colors on clothes started just the same to look different. Did you notice this too?

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Peach colors stand out again

For this reason I looked at a bikini in pink, leaning on orange. The color is perhaps better explained as peach. A lot of people love wearing something in peach and they feel it makes them look better. They are probably wrong (sorry!) – black or white is better. Strangely, however, bikinis are seldom black or white – I wish they were. However, I found a few at Phax.


I’ll start with color. The bikini in peach has only one shoulder strap. It’s a bit wide and has a buckle on it. It looks odd and I think that if you try this bikini on the beach there’s a chance that someone will notice it. Your colleagues at work will notice you, I’m sure, if they come too. The front is also wide and there are little shining dangles all over. These dangles shine the same way stars would but they are round and not star shaped. Perhaps you have to be a star to wear them. Try it!

Hipster bottoms

The bottom is a style I’ve noticed before. It’s plain but looks like something for a dandy – I called this hipster style in an earlier post. They look kind of straight as if someone else pulled them up and couldn’t figure out how they have to fit. Most people look different in that area so putting underwear on other people is something almost impossible.

A black bikini with nice looking folds

I found a black bikini from Phax. It’s very striking. The front is plain looing but with a huge exception. The fabric comes down under the part where the bikini normally would end in a nice fold near the center of the body. It’s a kind of trimming I haven’t seen very often and it’s very nice looking. It’s as if the fabric is folded and coming down. People who make complicated curtains would probably also know how to make them. The straps are narrow.

The bottom is straight again. Hipster again and plain. It has straps that are tied on the sides. The straps are hanging down a little bit.

Interesting and colorful ups

When I look at all the other times I see that most bottoms are that hipster or dandy style. They are plain and straight. The ups on the contrary are often interesting and comfortable. They have a lot of colorful patterns on most of them. Many patterns look like blossom. Others have interesting folds, like the black bikini I mentioned, and the people who design for Phax don’t mind if things aren’t so small. Therefore the ups are often wide. I think a lot of people who haven’t tried Phax in a long time, or ever, would find that the ups are very dressed. Phax therefore is interesting.

There are many re-sellers. Try searching for Phax swimwear on the Internet or add the two words Phax re-sellers on the search field and hit go. Have a good time browsing. Keep the faith!

Jane Hamerin

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