Prada suits are popular on the runway

Prada suits are among the most popular suits in the world. I just found some pictures of movie-stars who wore them during the last film week in Cannes and they wore Prada suits too. The first star on the pictures is Willem Dafoe and the picture is taken during the closing ceremony when he knew that he had won an award. Perhaps he wanted to look smart for the audience and on the pictures taken by the photographers that would end up he hoped in many magazines around the world.

 Prada kostym 2 Prada kostym

The second picture is of Nicolas Winding Refn and it’s also from the closing ceremony. Prada are definitely big when it comes to suits.

Prada get inspiration from everything in fashion, art, architecture, cinema and other culture. Prada let all types of things enrich their brand and the fashion – in detail. They have a network with sales teams in 70 countries and operate 551 own stores.Their design is quick and easy. All you see on their story board, i.e. the drawing that’s the base of the production, is a very basic sketch. I love them for this.

 Their suits are manufactured abroad, not anywhere close to Milan. Prada’s turnover in 2013 was approximately 3.5 billion Euros but their suits are affordable. Prada was founded in 1913 in Milan. It began as a luxury store selling all kinds of wares. The owners, Mario Prada and his team, were interested in fine materials and great sophisticated workmanship. They sell to royals all over the world including Buckingham Palace.

Prada now produces men’s and women’s leather good, both clothing and footwear. They are contemporary, on the edge and they produce wares that are unique. They also produce fragances, mobile phones and eyewear. You probably already know that they are amazing.

 The Prada brand is part of the Prada Group. All the sub-brands, including Church, combine sophisticated workmanship with good processes. Church is a brand for mens’ shoes.

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