Rubbe: Down jacket from Esprit

This jacket in royal blue has a light blue inner cap – but it’s very much made of the color blue. Isn’t the color fab? It’s probably warm too with filling (90 percent down and the rest is fether). It has a zipper all the way down and the coat, if you prefer to call it a coat, ends just below the waist. It’s striking because it’s so shiny.

I found it in a shop yesterday here in Europe. A lot of new items for early fall had arrived there. I liked to browse the women’s section and was drawn to the area with items from Esprit. All of it was handsome. I think the coat I saw – the one on the pic – is fab and I think such coats will probably end in every wardrobe here in Stockholm – or nearly every.

Of course, I could be wrong, but people here had similar jackets all last winter season – and they were very common. You couldn’t go nearly anywhere without noticing such a jacket. They had many different colors. It’s nice and you can notice the stripes all over it that are from how it was made.

Some people would think that it’s made for living in the snow – actually it’s probably not the warmest jacket ever. It’s probably for a medium cold day during fall here in Europe – not for a cold day in January. But it’s nice and if you’re somewhere where the weather is some kind of “medium” in fall, you can definitely wear it.

To summarize: people in not very cold places – may find that it’s warm enough. The cap can help if it’s a little chilly. Just bring it up over the head and notice the difference.

It may be odd to speak about cold temperatures in the middle of summer – but here in Europe people start to buy for fall and at this time of year people are in the middle of it. If they wait they may not get the items that they like. I’m not sure if this fab jacket is there any more next week. Actually, it would suprise me. Similar items were on everyone last winter.


Esprit jacket two

Esprit jacket

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