Latest bags from Samsonite

I found a web site for ordering Samsonite luggage or bags if you prefer. I especially liked a collection of so called garment bags that look interesting if I want to travel. The name of the collection is Aspire GR8. I would love to use it for a weekend trip to an interesting place.

Samsonite backpackThe first bag I looked at – on Samsonite’s great web site filled with nice pics and good information – was a bag with wheels under. The wheels are so called spinners, they say. There are four such wheels and the bag itself comes in three different colors. I have noticed that the most common suitcase color at my airport is black and that this particular bag is enormously popular among travelers. Despite them all looking alike, people seem to recognize their own bag easily.

 This bag comes in black, the most popular color I suppose, but there’s also the options red
and blue. I think blue looks nice and is easier to grab from the conveyor belt in the arrival hall – simply because I can see my own bag more easily.

A Samsonite may stand out even though it’s almost the same as every other brand with Samsonite carry onsimilar bags – that’s because it has such high quality. It’s perhaps more expensive but you can probably use it for a long, long time. I forgot to mention that this bag has a much needed handle that can be pulled upwards so that you can pull the bag easily. Remember that it has wheels too. It’s easy to move, I’m sure.

The bag I mentioned is rated by the customers and got one star. It’s probably a really good bag. It’s name is Samsonite Aspire GR8 25″ Spinner. I wish I could get one for my next trip to somewhere. I’m just thinking ahead and don’t have anything planned for now.

 Another bag that’s slightly smaller is the Samsonite Aspire GR8 21″ Carry-on-Upright. It Samsonite with spinnersalso has wheels and in this case the wheels are placed close together under the center of the bag. It’s still sturdy and it’s probably as easy to pull. As the other one it has a handle that can be pulled out of the bag and up so that you get a good grip. At the same time, and this is true for both the bags, it’s possible to push the handle back into the bag when you store it.

 The bag is also very usable because it’s possible to change the width of it. You can opt for a wider bag if you like, then put it back so it’s narrower if you like. Both of the two first bags I have looked at on Samsonite’s web site are simple and yet fantastic design. I love such bags!

 The third bag I looked at is from a different collection called Midtown. There’s a backpack for a laptop that looks great. It only comes as black and it seems to have a lot of extra space for other stuff even after you put a laptop in it. The design is fantastic with trimmings around the edge. The bag looks rounded because there are no corners and only round shapes. It’s still a very normal backpack. It’s a perfect design. Congrats to whoever designed it. The material looks exquisite. It’s black all over yet spotted at a closer look. I get it; it’s a very unusal backpack. I love it too!

 All of the bags above are perfect for travel. They’re great sizes and easy to store on an airplane, a bus or a train. Samsonite doesn’t sell their bags in the country where I am. I hope we can get them here at a later time. I think if you want to look for a Samsonite you can ask at an exclusive hotel. Perhaps you can find one there. They have mention on their website that they can deliver.

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