High heel boots from TopShop

I looked at a pair of boots at TopShop today. The shop attendant got out the shoe box and showed them to me. They’re black and has high heels, ribbons and a nice patchwork in the front. I didn’t use such high heels for a long time but they look sturdy because the heels in the back are thick. I don’t think it would be a problem to walk on them. On the contrary – they look easy and comfy too!


 TopShop was a wonderful experience for me. I found them in a mall. They have lots of fun and comfy items. Some people may say that they are for the very young but I think it’s possible to any age to find a good item there. I love their department for shoes. When I come they often have very striking shoes for city dwelling. The black boots I saw today are such an item! You can wear them any day and the weather doesn’t matter at all. If you think the streets are dirty – wear something like this. You will have a feeling of floating above the ground. It’s excellent use of such a pair.

 The design of these shoes are of a sort I really, really like. It’s that thickness that I’m after. And black is very suitable for such thick shoes. The fact that they also are open – in a way – and reveal some of the feet under, is perfect for me. I’ve had similar shoes in the past, and I simply loved them. This looked like the most wanted pair of shoes or boots in the store today and the store keeper had given them a nice spot where they were nicely visible to everyone who entered.

 Black is a popular color at TopShop but they had shoes and boots in other colors too. All their items are good quality, I noticed, so I’d suggest them to anyone. For the moment I already have boots so I didn’t get them. My home is already filled with many items for the feet so I can’t get any new shoes now. But it’s inspiring to look at boots, or shoes, I had a lot of fun taking the photo of these boots in the TopShop store here in Stockholm today – at something called Gallerian.

 There weren’t too many people at the store so I could get the shoe box from the attendant and get out my camera from the bag almost without being noticed. Most other visitors were busy looking at other items several meters away from me.  I noticed that the attendant was friendly and then I left again. Now I wish I had the boots with me here – but I have the photo. That’s nice too!

 These boots aren’t cheap but the soles are made of plastic and the upper part is of real leather. I’ve had problems with blisters but I didn’t notice any part that would cause my feet to hurt. If so, I’d solve it with some plasters. I know that new boots can be a problem so at the beginning I walk only short distances. Perhaps I could get used to wearing them after only a few minutes. I hope so. They look fab!

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