A sweatshirt from TopShop

Look at this T! It’s short with long arms. I found it at TopShop – I like them. They have lots of interesting design.

I assume it’s simple if you can call a t with ribbon knit simple. I think they use machines to make such fine knits – not hand knitting because the cotton wool is thin and the ribs are too. The design is simple and nice. Anyone can wear such a t. It’s a little bit elastic – as knits usually are.

This one is grey so it’s easy to wear with other color. I think it can be under a conference jacket. Let’s say you have to go to an interview. Why not wear something like this to be a little different. When the employer looks at you – perhaps from behind his or her desk – you are noticed if you wear something other than a normal shirt.


You could get many of these and wear to all your activities – including sitting in the garden with a glass of milk. A model I know of – Emma Wiklund – could wear it. I’ve seen her ads for milk.

I mentioned that it’s short so perhaps Emma wouldn’t like it. I don’t know her well enough but models usually like everything they wear. I think it would look nice on her and on everybody else too.

A t like this is comfy. It looks good on and it’s easy to wash and iron before you use it again. I’d try steam on the iron. See for yourself.

Another good thing I just thought about is that it’s light. Perhaps you can wear it to a Herbalife meeting if you want to impress the others and let them know that you’re slim. It’s interesting how my thoughts wander off to things related to health and the life of a model: milk and weigh-ins at Herbalife. Let’s all live a happy life forever – why not in the company of this t?

It’s good to get new clothes regularly. It’s like eating – you feel better after. You put something new on you. It’s in itself something healthy. Like a green wheat grass drink is. Then toss the t if it starts to get out of shape or gets funny looking fluff all over. I’m into grabbing a new t whenever I can.

TopShop was fab! I got downstairs and found this t immediately. Holding it in front of the camera – when I made the pic for this blog post – was almost like a fashion shoot. It was over in a minute – and lots of fun! I like when I can make a good pic with a nice garment like this one.

Stockholm can be chilly in winter so I think people who get this t need to add something more such as a winter jacket. Some people probably like that it’s a slim fit – it makes it easier to get a jacket over it. If you tried to wear layers and have had something thick and big on while putting a jacket last – you know. This t is great!

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