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We just found the web site of Donatella Versace where she’s being congratulated on her birthday. She had her latest birthday only 14 days ago. On the pic she looks fantastic! She also explains that she’s the head of the Versace empire. Congrats to both! What a wonderful success”


 She now handles that fashion house and is a very influential designer. That same house became her’s 20 years ago. It used to be her brother Gianni who handled it, but now she sits comfortably in the leadership chair.

 She sells perfume. One of her house’ new luxury fragrances is called “Versace Yellow Diamond.” It’s sparkling the same way a diamond can shine and Donatella thinks it’s true femininity. It’s described also as “captivating and voluptous.”

 Another of her perfumes is called Versense. Donatella thinks it’s a perfect fusion of note_olfattive_versense_jpgfreshness and sensuality. It’s made to suggest also a promise. It’s a perfume for a person’s senses. In addition, it’s inspired by nature’s elements and dedicated to “confident, vital and sensual women.”

 We would also like to mention the perfume Bright Crystal. Its fragrance is supposed to bring out a person’s own sensuality. It’s “fresh, vibrant and flowery.”

 The “Versace woman,” Donatella’s house style so to speak, is strong and confident yet feminine, sensual and loves perfumes. For instance, she loves to be delighted.

 Good perfume is great for all people. I feel sorry for those who are sensitive to perfumes. They really miss out on some wonderful moments of air filled with scent. We already know that department stores all over the world sell tons of perfume to both rich and poor.

 Try to see if you can attend a product launch party for perfumes. There are actually many Versace perfume launch parties all over the world. We always hope to can attend such an event at some point.

 We read that the rock star Elton John had many things from Versace and he also wore bright_crystal_jpg their perfumes. And then think a lot of performers, even one called Tomas Ledin in the country where we are now – Sweden – uses fragrance from Versace. We are sure if someone would ask all the artists, models and musicians that are popular – they too like perfumes and they like Versace a lot.

 Some people think that a perfume is just something out of a bottle. What we mean is that they don’t think about how it’s made. It’s just like cooking – you need a lot of ingredients. It’s possible to make a lot of variations depending for instance on what flowers or other plants that you use.

 Here’s finally a quote from Donatella. She says the following about how she handles things:

 “It would be very easy for us to do a collection everyone would like and no one would criticize. But criticism is a part of life, you just have to take it.”

We are absolutely sure that Donatella never gets much criticism. So says her friends. We Are inspired by her and the Versace brand.

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