Victoria’s Secret beach wear

It doesn’t get trendier then this – Victoria’s Secret beach wear

Victoria’s Secret has a new trend report about what they call swim wear on their international Web site. Go to the section on their website called Swim – you will find the button for it near the top. Search for Trend report.Victoria's Secret 4

Actually, I’ve already looked at it for you. They say that they have noticed four trends on beaches these days in the US. They named them “Long Line Bikinis”, “Strappy”, “Exotic accents” and “Rashguards”. I think they looked at people on beaches in the US.

You can order them and try them at home but I can’t guarantee that the same trends are everywhere in the world. If you’re not sure about trends on a beach near you, just go there wearing something that you like.

However, I noticed that a lot of people are interested in trends from the US, so I’ll describe them a little further.

Let’s look first at the Long Line Bikinis trend. They mention that it’s retro. It’s made up of nostalgia people feel for all the time that people have spent on beaches. It’s made up by people who love to walk around in bikini and are very comfortable doing so.Victoria's Secret 1

Other people, and a lot of them, have opted for bikinis with noticeable straps – it’s probably something that people like to notice when they walk around. They look for nice, let’s say details, on bikinis – and this season it’s straps. The interesting straps, or arrangement with many straps, can be both up and down. Actually, the more I look on such models; I find them increasingly interesting and noticeable too.

The next trend is something even more specific to the eye of the person who looks at design. You notice if a bikini has an interesting pattern, something hanging on the side or in front, or if there are some metal designs glued on to it. Obviously, Victoria’s Secret has many, many options. I couldn’t stop looking for all those incredible bikinis that can be said to be part of this trend. Wow!Victoria's Secret 3

The fourth trend is a little more specific. Some people would call these garments swim suits rather than bikinis. The design maker wanted to produce something with the feel of a bikini while the swim suit is comfortable. As far as I can tell, because I haven’t tried one on yet, it would be easy to run around in such a bikini without worrying about it accidentally revealing any personal body parts.

A fun thing on their site is a so called “bikini mixer.” Just pick and choose from a wide selection. I saw lots of bikini tops with bright colors and some bottoms too. Some of them had colorful pattern. It generally looks very good and the quality is excellent says a friend who ordered from them once. I think she is right.Victoria's Secret 2

Victoria’s Secret is famous for their underwear but I found also a section on their web site for clothes. They have absolutely lovely shorts for those who like to walk around without anything covering their legs. Shorts are nice for hot weather but I think there are people who wear them all the time – even if it’s not hot weather. They look sexy!

They use the word sexy a lot of times on their web site. I think some of those items are not as sexy as they say. There are clothes and lingerie that are sexier than others. I haven’t seen such items on their site. At least not yet! Perhaps they can work on improving the design – if they want to speak of sexy.

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