Fashion and Charity

George Hobeika and CCCL

3rd September 2014

The venue was stunning, the sparkling sapphire Mediterranean in full view. The fashion fare was haute couture, evening gowns by Georges Hobeika and fur pieces by G. Nasrallah. The drinks were plentiful, sparkling wines and spirits. People were dressed to kill. Some to kill others and others to kill themselves considering the towering stilettos some attendees were wearing. But this is to be expected, as in Beirut sometimes ladies step out to get the newspaper in the morning wearing the most fashionable footwear market has to offer. Tch, tch! I digress.

Coming back to the point, it was all for a very worthy cause. The proceeds of the affair shall go to the Children’s Cancer Center for Lebanon. The center is credited with treating at least 1,000 children to date. Treatments for various malignancies come with forbidding financial challenges for the victims as well as for the families. I found out that the center’s annual budget is a staggering $15 million, most of which is covered by donations from organizations and individuals. After hearing this all the lavishness seemed worthwhile.

The dresses displayed were donated by George Hobeika and were offered at half prices ranging from $800 dollars to $2000.

The mistress of the ceremonies was MTV’s Chantal Saliba.

After the formalities, models strutted their stuff wearing impressive fur pieces by G.Nasrallah. Though fur is very much a part of Lebanese culture, a few eyebrows were raised by some animal rights advocates which were quickly overshadowed by the “oohs” and “aahs” of the fashionistas. It was an extravagant affair, arranged by The Global Party, an international events hosting organization.

Though the evening was enjoyed by the attendees, I was in a pensive mood as the valet handed me the keys to my car (rather disdainfully, considering the make and year of manufacture of my ride). The situation in and around us in the Middle East is heart breaking to say the least, so all such events seemed decadent for about ten seconds.

But that was about it. As I joined the mad Beiruti traffic, I was glad that I spent the evening enjoying myself rather than hearing the depressing evening news on the telly.


By Sabine Shah ( International blogger)

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