ARMANI DECODED – Milan Fashion Week

We are all over and done with the New York and London Fashion weeks respectively. But my personal favorite is Milan, which kicked off recently.


Angelo Bratis

Angelo Bratis

Two reasons:

Firstly I think no one can design like the Italians. Clothes, accessories, furniture, buildings, even cars. Maybe their creations are not the most practical of all. But they have style and chic to die for. It is in their history, their blood, their culture. The Romans and their Italian cousins have conquered the world time and again in more ways than one.

Secondly Milano is a beautiful city. I have spent quite a few summer afternoons going round and round the Duomo. I love to walk down their fashion street again and again. Just to imbibe the ambience. Oxford Street London, too classical.  St. Germaine Paris, too formal. St. Catherine Montreal, too big. Milano? Perfect.

BRA_0012 BRA_0034 BRA_0055 BRA_0077 BRA_0098 BRA_0148

So I was thrilled to see Armani’s new designer Angelo’s Bratis collection, modeled at Armani’s own theater. And loved every bit of it. The show was restricted to displaying some soft and light evening dresses, which were feminine and subtle. He played around with fabrics and textures, but nothing was overdone. Models with minimum of makeup and hair tied neatly on their heads showed off minis, maxis and dress shirts. My personal favorite was a slinky ash pink knee length dress with strings criss crossing around the neck.

My only objection was against the snakish, wormish necklaces hanging around some model’s neck.   Apart from that everything was great.

Even though Bratis built on Signor Giorgio Armani’s style, his own unique touch was stamped on all creations. Bravo.

Let’s see what the rest of the Milan Fashion Week has to offer. I am eagerly waiting for Elisabetta Franchi’s collection.

BRA_0185 BRA_0239 BRA_0358 BRA_0406 BRA_0541 BRA_0697

By Sabine Shah

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