Melanie at the Chanel Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015

Hello dear friends , it´s me Melanie who ran the catwalk for freedom to wear and to think Chanel. Some press people said this tops the Air France demonstrations and others “Make fashion not war” !

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Karl Lagerfeld is a genious and he made us models a catwalk for freedom, the best thing to wish for not only in the model business. Sourrounded by politic influences while traveling the world, it is important for a model to speak out loud especially when nationalism or terrorism try to conquer the medias with their themes. Freedom for women is not guaranteed in the eastern world, so this fashion demonstation is not only important for me, but for every women worldwide, to show we care that she can wear what she wants.

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No forces to wear a red bikini, if You don´t like to and no forces to be all over Your head packed into a black gown . Be free to wear Chanel wherever You want to ! It was great fun to run this show and I am happy to be part of this statement. Make fashion not war, think about freedom for women and You will have peace on earth.

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Credits : Text Models In Motion,photography : Nico Bellay ( Demonstation) and Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel press Kit


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