Yves Saint Laurent in cinéma

Hi dear fashionistas, Jenny is reporting about YSL from Paris.





YSL is at the moment the most important person in Paris. His livestory was adapted for the film Saint Laurent by the director Bertrand Bonello and the latest YSL Collection shows a lovely retro revival of his 70ties looks shortened to a modern mini look and his famous turbans. So if You want to look like one of the movie stars of Saint Laurent, You just have to buy a piece of the latest collection. The film is already in cinéma in France and I have to go with the girls to see this Oscar nominated biographical piece.

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It is France´s film for the Oscars and the whole country will pray to Saint Laurent to get it. The catwalk was gloomy and elegant, I loved the pieces, even when I would not have choosed all of them in one look, which makes it a bit intentionally looking confused in the pattern combinations. The colours give the looks a warm basic golden touch and I don´t want to take of my turban. I definitly need this piece.

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Credits : Text Models In Motion, pictures : Europacorps Saint Laurent and Haute Couture Week

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