St. Petersburg Fashion Week SPRING-SUMMER 2015

Hi, friends of fashion worldwide, this is Jenny writing just after the last show at the fashion week St.Petersburg. I ran for the Mod´art show and for the gala show of Gostiny Dvor. There are many international not so well known designers who show the Russian modernity, like these two, or KettaAnna OvchinnikovaYulia Kosyak and the funny designs of Vladislav Aksenov.

Polina Raudson

Polina Raudson

Fabri Fancy

Fabri Fancy

Photo : Mod´art – St.Petersburg Fashion Week

Photo: Vladislav Aksenov – St.Petersburg Fashion Week

Russian tradition was fresh interpreted by Lena Starikova and the fur section was represented by elegant labels like Zima and Marina Morozova.

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Photo : Lena Starikova – St.Petersburg Fashion Week

Photo : ZIMA – St.Petersburg Fashion Week

One has the impression modern style has already reached the Russian in fashion, while the politics run behind. Well a model knows how to run a catwalk, why should politicians. St.Petersburg is very international and You find shops like Zara home and Mak (Russian version) Donalds there. Investors are welcome and can lend a high class shop space in town easily.

I love the town of St.Petersburg. The ancient buildings of Russian history like the winter palace give a romantic flair to the town. Many universities make a lively culture und subculture. The officials went to the Buddha Club aftershow party. Some of us models toured afterwards the city and it´s bars, landing in the Radiobaby club until 6 o´clock in the morning.This DJ club is also a radio station with modern music and livestyle.

Next morning I took a breakfast nearby at the Zoom Cafe. I staid in town with my boyfriend Tom, who went to St.Petersburg to write for the magazine ” Coeur du Mode ” an article. We both enjoyed the weekend and took our time to see also some art pieces in the Hermitage. We also visited the new International Media Forum, where we watched the Russian première of “ The New Girlfriend” by French director Francois Ozon. What a great film ! “The film is a lesbian drama about the love of a man and a woman, a “Tootsie” of modern days” wrote  the curator of Gogol-films Stas Tyrkin about this movie.

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Photo : Director Francois Ozon at the International Media Forum St.Petersburg

The International Media Forum discusses new forms of narrative and transmedia with workshops by the director of Tribeca Film Festival new York and others. It shows a lot of international movies and documentaries. Somehow I thought why do they talk about no freedom in Russia concerning the media, if they have such a modern media forum ? The only indication that something still is wrong was the absence of one of the initiators from the opening gala caused by new laws in St.Petersburg,showing the slowness of politics overwhelmed by the natural development of the strong economy of this country.

Tom and I love Russian literature like Ivan Tourgenev and Gogol. So we were happy to find a cheap and lovely restaurant called Mumu after a sweet short story by Ivan Tourgenev. It is the story of a handicaped but very strong man who loves a little dog and has to kill it because his mistress does not like to hear him barking.  The cruelty and moodiness of the ruling society meets the heart and patience of Russian folks. This seems not to have changed a lot and the Russian society endures the moodiness of politicians as well today. But the neccessity of international relations in fashion and media is nevertheless accepted and supported by outstanding people who engage in projects like the Fashion Week and The International Media Forum.

By: Models In Motion

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